Manichino Capi Spalla con Caldaia

Manichino Capi Spalla con Caldaia

Steam Pressure: 4Atu
Steam Capacity: 20Kg. Vs
Steam Storage: 15Kg
Resistance Power: 10Kw
Water Engine: 0,55Kw
Air Pressure: 5Atu
Fan Type: 250 Fan
Vacuum Engine: 0,55Kw 2800dv
Voltage: 380v



Manichino Capi Spalla con Caldaia

Usages Area

Dry cleaning, hotel and laundromat in the port, produced by the independent System is a press pressure. Apart from that, it can be used in ironing of any kind of product which can be ironed in the garment industry. Self-Boiling ensures that energy consumption is minimal compared to presses that use steam through the central system. Vacuum engine has been added to the vacuum and has a higher vacuum ability than the central vacuum. It gives steam from the bottom and top.


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